Workshop 16

Data-Driven Decision-Making for IP Licensing and Transaction: Use LES Royalty Survey Reports and Other Data Sources to Guide Monetization Campaigns

This session will illustrate how to use LES Royalty Survey results to support the key decision-makings in evaluation and negotiation for patent licensing and transaction. The speakers together have more than 60 years experiences in IP portfolio management, technology transfer, monetization, and litigation. They are also among the leadership teams and the coauthors of the 2021 Life Sciences and High Tech Royalty Surveys. Combining the panelists’ deep insights obtained from analyzing the data for the Royalty Surveys with their expertise and experiences accumulated from IP practices, the panel aims at helping you solve the real problems in IP monetization.

Start Time: 16:00
End Time: 17:30

Ballroom West/Center
Le Centre Sheraton Montréal 1201 Boul. René-Lévesque O, Montréal, QC, H3B 2L7


  • Bob Held

    Conference ChairHeld IPLES USA-Canada

  • Jack Lu

    Founding PartnerIPMAP LLC

  • Mike Perham

    Director, Innovations and External Relations Howard Hughes Medical Institute