Gordon McCauley

Job Title: President and CEO
Company: adMare BioInnovations

Gordon McCauley is President and Chief Executive Office of adMare BioInnovations, a position he assumed in 2016 after serving on adMare’s Board for four years.

A successful executive, advocate, and investor, he has been at the forefront of Canada’s life-science sector for over two decades, playing leadership roles across several domains.

As an executive, he has a track record of success, supporting and growing private and publicly traded life-science start-ups and emerging enterprises into sustainable businesses.

As an advocate, he has played an influential role in shaping Canada’s public policy and regulatory agendas to advance knowledge, innovation and growth in the life sciences while respecting its social responsibilities.

And as an investor, he has drawn on his extensive knowledge, insight, and networks in the business, research and academic communities to advise life-science investment funds on how and where to target their investments.