Day One
Day Two

30 April

WILA Networking

Women in Licensing Alliance

YMC Networking

Young Members Congress

1 May

Panel Discussion

Introduction of new IP Business Models in Drug Discovery

Workshop 1

Navigating the Deep Tech Frontier in Life Sciences Innovation

Workshop 2

It’s all about the Money – Licensing, Securitization, and other uses of IP portfolios by Start-up Companies in the US, Canada, Europe and Asia

Workshop 3

Unleashing Creativity in the Age of AI: Copyright Industry Challenges and Opportunities

Workshop 4

Regulatory & Legislative Trends Affecting Standard Essential Patents (SEPs)

LESI Thought Leadership Program

Summary sessions
Track 1: Standard Essential Patents (SEPs)
Track 2: Automotive Industry
Track 3: Arbitration & Mediation

Roundtable 1

Differences in the Method of Technology Transfer from the Perspective of Universities in Turkey and Slovakia

Roundtable 2

Standard Essential Patents:  Update on Global FRAND Rate Setting

Roundtable 3

Surviving and Thriving: How Can Start-up’s Better Leverage Their IP Portfolios for Funding and Exit

Roundtable 4

Investing in Societal Good: Changing Paradigm

Roundtable 5

IP-Led Growth and Expansion: Journey from the Chemistry Lab to Global Commercialization

Roundtable 6

Cross-Border IP and Licensing Issues for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

Roundtable 7

State of Industry Panel Discussion on CEEM Industries

Workshop 5

Challenges of SEP Licensing in a Fully Connected World

Workshop 6

Data Rights Assertions are how Intellectual Property (IP) Providers Convey IP Rights to U.S. Government Customers

Workshop 7

The Unified Patent Court — It Has Finally Arrived

Workshop 8

Various Legal Issues in the Metaverse

Workshop 9

High-Growth Technology Business Forum – Special Start-up Edition. A Live Case Study Experience

Close of Day 1

Brief ‘Executive’ Highlights from Day 1

2 May

Keynote Speaker

On the Path to Net Zero: Air Mobility Compelled to Innovate

  • A photo of Marc St-Hilaire
    Marc St-Hilaire

    Chief Technology Officer and Vice President, Technology & InnovationCAE

Panel Discussion

AI’s Evaluation and Impact Given to the Business and Intellectual Property Law Systems

Workshop 10

WIPO Mock Mediation: Efficient Dispute Resolution and Best Practices


Workshop 11

Foodie Art: RTD to Plant-Based Products – Commercialization of IP in the Food and Beverage Industry

  • Jayde Wood

    Patent Agent / Trademark AgentGowling WLG

  • Rickey Yada

    Dean of the Faculty of Land and Food SystemsUniversity of British Columbia

  • Janet Lau

    Senior IP & Compliance ManagerMark Anthony Group

  • Yves Potvin

    FounderYves Veggie Cuisine and Garden Protein International

Workshop 12

The Future of Branding & Licensing in the Entertainment/Games Industry and in Online Virtual Reality

Workshop 13

UPC Litigation & UP Prosecution – Chances, Risks, Strategies

Roundtable 8

Data Analytics for the Modern IP Professional

Roundtable 9

Latest Case Decisions Affecting Patent License in U.S., Europe, and Japan

Roundtable 10

How will the new European Horizontal Block Exemption Regulations affect Cooperation Agreements like Standardization and R&D

Roundtable 11

Licensing in an Era of Pandemics, Regional Conflicts, and Climate Change: Mitigating your Supply Chain Risks

Roundtable 12

Unique Licensing and IP Issues for Chemical Companies

Roundtable 13

LES USA Approved Standards

Roundtable 14

Strategies for Navigating the mRNA and Lipid Nanoparticle IP and Competitive Landscape

Roundtable 15

Digital Unicorns and Tangible Profits: An Overview of Recent Esports Growth

Workshop 14

Investing and M&A on gaming industry – what you need to know before

Workshop 15

Data-Driven Decision-Making for IP Licensing and Transaction: Use LES Royalty Survey Reports and other data sources to guide monetization campaigns

Workshop 16

The U.S. CHIPS Act and the New Export Control Rules on Chips – Ongoing Shift in Tech Relations with China and Impact on Licensing

Workshop 17

Trade Secrets

Workshop 18

Innovation Investment and IP Valuation on SDG/ESG

Close of Day 2

Brief “Executive” Highlights from Day 2 and Presentation from LESI 2024 Madrid

Farewell Event

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