YMC Networking

Stacey Dunn and Kilian Schärli will make a short presentation on the benefits of joining an LES society

The LESI YMC Committee has some fun and dynamic networking events planned for after the regularly scheduled events. If you’re interested in joining these afterparty networking events, please join our WhatsApp group using the following QR code for more information


The mission of the Young Members Congress of LESI is:

  • To increase the number of active members under the age of 40 within LES Member Societies;
  • To encourage participation and networking by young members at LESI events through the organization of unique educational and social programs;
  • To mentor young executives for participation and leadership at LESI Board, Delegate and Committee levels as well as to make LESI officers aware of the interest, accomplishments and contributions of younger members.
  • To encourage family participation through special programs and incentives.

Start Time: 17:45
End Time: 18:30